Shocking news about illegal immigrants.

Hello unwary people of Kent.


Do you know that you have anything  from three thousand, to up to ten thousand, illegal immigrants, living and breeding in your beautiful County.


It would appear that they arrived hidden in imported goods packed in the holds of  unsuspecting cargo ships.

Once in Sheerness they sneaked away, found shelter and hid successfully amongst the local population.

These particular Italian settlers were only two inches long and sported fine yellow tails.

Oh,  all right then,  they are actually scorpions and they arrived back in the 18th century.  But you must admit that it is quite an  amazing thing to have such creatures living in the rock and wall crevices  of the dock.


There is no cause to have nightmares about them though because even if one of them decided to sting you it should be no worse than most other stings that you might be unlucky enough to suffer from  in the UK, with the possible exception of those people who are either very young, infirm or allergic.


Pretty exotic though.



Dear Euscorpus Flavicaudis , what do you have planned for all of us unsuspecting folks once global warming really heats up. Mass colonisation I expect.


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