Snow Stops Play.


OMG, you should see it here today.

We are snowbound


There is a least a couple of foot of snow over everything and it is freezing cold….it is beautiful, but I hate not being very warm.

Big H had to bring me tea and toast in bed this morning, because when I got up early I soon changed my mind and went back to bed again….and refused to re-emerge without a treat!


Everything, the cars, red post box, signs and window sills have what looks like a thick layer of solid icing on them and there are long icicles everywhere.

When you walk in the snow it actually squeaks underfoot and it has been a long time since that  has happened here.

Actually, it was deep snow like that all the time when I was a child, but I was a much warmer and much hardier little creature in those far-off days.


It said in the press that we can expect up to minus 20 in parts of the UK this week.

Apparently the weather is coming from Siberia and it is the coldest winter for 25 years, and snow will be beginning in the London area soon….possibly tonight.


As is usual in this country, everything goes haywire when the weather gets too windy, too wet or too snowy.

There are the usual problems and delays and stranded vehicles, and of course the usual disruptions with travel on the railways and buses.

And, just to add insult to injury there is an underground strike to add to the confusion for unlucky travellers.


There have been accidents because of the ice on the roads and many of them are blocked.


As usual, people are being told not to travel if they don’t have too.

I don’t know why we bother, I think we should just decide we are all closed for business and save ourselves from frustration and possibly freezing to death in cold places while waiting for public transport that never arrives.

Let’s just all stay in bed instead, reading the papers and and covering the sheets with crumbs from munching toast and Marmite.


Hands up who approves of that idea.




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