Speccy Four Eyes Has A Problem.



It’s Wednesday already.



We had a busy day yesterday …. at the opticians.


Recently, I had an eye test in our local city …. and then I asked how much it would cost to just have my own diamante-type frames re-glazed, instead of buying new ones.

There does not seem to be any point in having the cost of buying new specs when it took me ages to find such pretty, blingy ones, in the first place.


The assistant then took me through the various thin lenses which were available to me, and obviously, as I need such a heavy prescription I definitely need as much help as I can get.

I said I would like the very thin Essilor brand that I already had.


Imagine my horror to be informed that the cost would be £500+ pounds …. just for re-glazing.

I said the cost was too high, even though she then offered to take off a further £20 or so if they needed to price match another quote, but I would discuss it at length with Big H that night.

Big H then decided to look on-line.

It was a considerable amount cheaper there, but he carefully read all of their reviews before deciding to go down that particular and possibly dodgy road.

But he eventually went for it, even though I have a complicated prescription and I need varifocals, because I was going to send them my old glazed specs so that they could re-glaze them.

This would allow them to see where my pupils are.


The wait was a bit worrying I must confess.


Well, it took a while but I finally received my specs back last Friday, and by Sunday I had to accept that I could not see properly with them at all because the computer screen was blurry and I could not comfortably read my new Kindle anymore.

Oh Bloody Shit!!!!!!!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkity Fuck!!!!!!!


Eventually, I dug out all of my previous 10 years of eye test results, and was surprised to see that the last prescription was extremely different from all of the previous ones.

Could the local High Street opticians have made a mistake instead of the on-line people?


On Monday I rang the local opticians to ask them to give me another eye test because I could not see very well with my new specs.

As soon as they found out I had had them made up somewhere else they told me to go and see the other opticians and complain to them because it was probably their mistake in making up the lenses.

I then had to say that I could not go to see them because they had been made-up online.


After quite an argument I finally managed to get an appointment to have a word with their dispensing optician who would check that the new lenses matched their new prescription …. obviously as a favour to me …. but no possibility of another eye test till after that was done.


The result was that the amazed lady had to finally admit that the varifocal lenses matched the prescription perfectly, and the iris positions were perfect too, although she said that she would not have believed that it could have been possible to do something so complicated on-line.

And then, she could not believe that it had only cost £280 pounds to buy them …. I mean there is over £200 difference!

She was horrified!


When she said that perhaps my eyes actually had changed as drastically as the new prescription was showing.

Big H countered that by saying that if that was so then I would not be able to wear the 5 years old glasses that I was wearing that day …. or be able to see properly with them …. far more comfortably than with the new ones.


Well, long story short, I now have an appointment with their best optician in a week or so, and I get my new eye test then.

And, if the original prescription is wrong, I will get my glasses re-glazed for free.


Now it just remains to be seen what happens next.

I will let you know all of the details of course …. and the name of the on-line optician too!


Have a very “clearly seen” day yourself.





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