BPoMD 41: Refreshment.




How many small parks

Unexpected like this one

Small oases hidden

In the urban desert



6 Responses to “BPoMD 41: Refreshment.”

  1. nelly says:

    sorry i’m posting here, your art pages don’t allow individual comments on each do they?

    i just wanted to say that i Love Love Love Love Love this!

    • Jaksie says:

      Hi Nelly,
      Thank you very much.
      It is indeed nice to be enthusiastically appreciated!
      Sorry you cannot yet comment on individual artworks but at the moment correcting the fault is totally beyond me….and Big H.
      Perhaps in the future!
      Take care,

  2. nelly says:

    well I think it’s good to hear feedback when someone really likes something.
    I should ask Mr. T to teach you how to make your own youtube videos, perhaps you may consider tutorials on water colours. i don’t understand them. i love the works but they’re beyond me. i’m too slow to manipulate the colours properly. and i rip the papers when i stretch them.

    i suppose i enjoy oils because i’m able to go and touch things up and do little changes a while later.. not so with water colours or acrylics.

    • Jaksie says:

      Yeah, all creative stuff is so good to do.
      I used to do just oils years ago but I got to like the drying speed of acrylics, it is so immediate!
      I love watercolours because you can never be sure of the effects and if you work quickly it takes away the mannered deliberation.
      My first go is my only go, because that keeps it fresh.
      I think that the problem when you first start doing them is to be loose and actually have confidence in your movement, not to worry about it, just do it.
      Practice time after time on cheap paper, without all of the bother of stretching, and get the fluidity going, see the effects, get a loose and confident wrist.
      If you are not used to it, then it may be crap, but it always improves eventually.
      The longer you do it, the more you do, the better it gets.
      if no-one teaches you what you cannot do, then you develop your own unique style because you try everything that occurs to you….there are no rules!
      What I always find strange is that all children can paint and enjoy it.
      How come most adults say that they cannot paint or draw.
      What happens to them in the system?
      Some years ago I had a friend who was like that.
      One afternoon I said that we would have some fun with drawing.
      I told her she had to do some drawings with a pencil on paper.
      It took her ages to do a mug, a tree and then a cat and they were very stilted, overdone and not very good.
      I then said she should do it again, but she only had one minute to do each one.
      By the time she got to the cat she was stressed and said she could not do it unless she could look at a cat to copy it.
      The answer to that was that she had seen hundreds of cats in her life and she knew perfectly well what a cat looked like, she did not need to see one to do it.
      She only needed to think of the cat-ness of a cat and draw that.
      Do you know, she did it in a minute with a few strokes of the pencil….and you could see a wonderful cat all curled up with it’s tail tucked in.
      She was thrilled to bits, and it WAS good enough to be framed.
      Funnily enough she never did frame it that I know of, and she did not continue practicing afterwards as she should have.
      I think she did not believe what she could do and she never had confidence in herself doing it.
      It was a shame!
      As for stretching, if it is a problem don’t do it…give this a try.
      Get good quality paper, don’t soak it, and be quick!
      However, I find your photography to be most excellent and you have a definate talent to capture mood and texture.
      i find some of your work both sumptuous and evocative…some moody and almost otherworldly.
      I know that no-one has enough time to do everything they would like to but you have spent your time well.
      My goodness, I have run on a bit….sorry!

  3. nelly says:

    thanks for the kind words Jackie 🙂 I’ll give free-style watercolour a thought and just roll with it 😀

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