The Monkey-Eating Eagle Of The Orinoco. BBC Tonight.


G’Day to you.

Are you going to be busy tonight, with some unmissable appointment, or are you totally free?

If you are, and you enjoy Natural World programmes, then there promises to be an excellent programme on BBC2 at 7.00pm tonight ( in the UK).


It was filmed over a period of one year, in the Orinoco Rainforest of Venezuela.

The tem captured wonderful film of Harpy Eagles raising their young, flying in with prey such as monkeys who weigh as much as they do, along with sloths or young deer.


The team were attacked repeatedly and on one occasion a cameraman was left stunned by a female eagle.

WOW….sooner him than me….I would not like to be out there at the sharp end….have you seen the size of their claws!


So that’s it then, my evening is booked.

See ‘ya,


If you missed it…you can still catch it for a while longer.

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