The Party’s Over.

Greetings to you,


The party’s over, so to speak, and the Bank Holiday has been and gone.

But excellent anyway.

I hope that you managed to have a wonderful break, even if you spent a large part of it hiding from the rain, just like us.


We did manage to have one nice long walk, although Big H was faltering a bit half way through.


When we started out, it was warm and sunny, but of course the moment we were the farthest distance away from home, the rain began to pour down sadistically and we got soaked to the skin.

The good thing is that we were only wearing a few garments because of the summery warmth when we set out, so we did not feel too sodden and constrained.


Once we got back, we dried our hair,  put our dressing gowns on, and got on snuggling down down with a nice big cup of tea each, accompanied by two very large glasses of whiskey.

And we are talking about a decent whiskey here too, Famous Grouse, not just the usual large bottle of generic pee-coloured liquid, sold by whichever of the large supermarkets we were gracing with our presence at the time of purchase.

That particular whiskey was/is ,the favourite of choice, for our old Prime Minister with the stiffened hair.  No, not him, I mean the ever vigilant Mrs. Thatcher.

She who was famous for only needing three hours sleep per night….and for her handbag!


That conjures up a rather tantalising new picture of the very upright and proper Mr. Thatcher in my wayward mind.

Was her ability to sustain herself on only a few hours sleep, due to the fact that his world class sexual athleticism, on a nightly basis, only ever left her with three hours for catching a quick rest ,before her needing to arise and shine to meet the demands a well regulated and busy political diary, starting at an unfeasibly early hour!

WOW, I should be so lucky….lucky, lucky,  lucky.


This morning we have some painters and decorators arriving to help uplift the exterior of our somewhat sad house from the obviously-owned-by-degenerates- and- sadly- in- need -of – some – extensive – care -and- attention level, up to the ‘my-what- a- sober-industrious-and -desirable-set-of-acceptable-neighbours-live-here level.


Tomorrow is quite an important day for Big H because he is going back to the hospital to have a second scan of his neck, to try and see if the 5mm nodules inside his glands have changed in size.

He was told last time that they are quite common and cause no trouble, but because of the horrible and exotic thing that happened to him, see earlier post,he is worried that it could be the same things growing in his neck again.  A new generation.

Poor Thing, as far as he is concerned, it must be a bit like actually living a part in the Alien films.

If nothing is found this time then he is going to request a second opinion from a specialist in tropical medicine.

We thought that we would need to go down to the Hospital for tropical Medicine in London, but my brother was talking to a nurse recently and he found out that there is just such a doctor accessible much nearer home.

So now we have a plan,

We need to do something, because he often feels il, has frequent neck pains  and gets incredibly fatigued etc.


I cannot have anything happen to him because I have spent nearly forty three years training him and he is just beginning to show the benefits of it.


In another thirty years he should be just about perfect!


Anyway I must dash as it is now almost eight am and I cannot be caught in my ratty old dressing gown and bed hair by the painters andd decorators.

If they see me like this they will have a good laugh, and such hilarity does not sit well with the fact that I plan to be so scary that I will frighten them into providing me with the most perfect, and lasting, standard of domestic house painting EVER.

So, goodbye and enjoy your day.



Second scan result link from tomorrow,

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