The Revenge Of The Dubious Chicken.

Good morning to you,


Well, here I am once again, up at an unfeasibly early hour.

Unfortunately, we switch off the central heating at night, so it is totally freezing cold.

I have looked out of the window and I see that all of the cars on the street are glittering with frost.


I thought that the extreme weather was finished but it was snowing again on Friday, although it did not lie long, and now it is beck to being arctic again.


I am sitting here wearing my normal clothes, with sheepskin boots, and over the top I have put on Big H’s thick dressing gown….and I am still frozen cold!

Never mind, it keeps me hardy I suppose, it would not do to get soft when you live up here in the chilly north.


I was inspired to forgo my hot cardboard Warburton’s Potato pancakes at 4am this morning. and made myself two slices of white toast with Marmite instead.

It was delicious and somehow made me feel like a child again.


It’s a bit like Kellog’s cornflakes!

I remember when the boys were small and I had bought them some cornflakes which I was trying to persuade them to try.

I took the usual motherly tack of saying, ‘Come along now, try them, they are delicious’,  before putting a spoonful into my own mouth as encouragement….only to find myself eating two bowl-fulls.

They were unexpectedly scrumptious and took me back years..

Needless to say, the boys ate their helpings too and Kellog’s became a favourite.


Everything is still very dark outside but the birds are waking up and beginning to be noisy.

I also heard the shutters going up on the Spar shop, so with any luck the central heating will soon switch on again and my hands and feet will warm up.


While I was enjoying my pot of tea and my toast, I continued with my latest library book.

It is by Ken Follet and is titled World Without End.

Apparently it is a sequel to The Pillars Of The Earth, which I have not read.

The story is a historical saga beginning on the day after Halloween in the year 1327.

Four children witness a killing in the forest.

As adults their lives are woven together, as they continue to be affected by that childhood secret.

The first book in the saga concerned the building of a cathedral, two hundred years before, during a time of war, conflict and passion.

This book returns to that place to continue the sweep of history and how it affects the  inhabitants.

Big H thoroughly enjoyed the novel so I am giving it a try too.


I don’t think Big H and I will do very much here today because we were tempted to buy a ready cooked rotisserie chicken when we were shopping on Friday and it gave us both bad stomachs…along with the unpleasant side effects that you would expect from what is probably a form of food poisoning!

Not an experience I would like to repeat, so I shall avoid any such temptations to buy hot chickens in the future.

It just was not worth it!


I am getting even colder now, so I shall away to make myself yet another hot cup of tea to keep me going til the place warms up.


I wish you a warm day containing no dubious chickens at all.



J x.


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