The Search For Keith Bennet.


Good Day to you.


All is well here.  We are once again basking in sunshine although it is somewhat cold and will still require a coat outside.


I have had quite a surreal morning.

At 6.00 I was awakened by Big H getting up…What!!!!! you may gasp….he was going to have a long hot bath.

Then he came back into the bedroom at about eight to ask me if I wanted toast and Marmite for breakfast.

I said “Yes please that would be different” and was soon ensconced with a book and said breakfast for a most pleasant and unusual half hour.


It is quite a change to have him up so soon since he had to begin the tablets, as I am used to getting up early myself, before then spending many hours alone before he finally arose.

Quite an about change, but a nice one.


The medication seems to be working as he is beginning to look a bit pink instead of a waxy white colour, that being the classic look of Hypopituitarism.

I think it sounds like something that a hippopotamus would be suffering from!


Today we have to go out and get some shopping in but I don’t know if we will do anything else at all.


Some good people have been spending their time doing something very good up on the Saddleworth Moors near Oldham.

When I was about eighteen the murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were killing their victims and burying them up on the moors.

One of the children who was murdered was a twelve year old boy who had gone missing while on his way to his Grannie’s house in Longsight, Manchester,

Although searches were carried out over the years, his body was never located, leaving his mother and family without the comfort of a proper burial place for him.


Last year the Greater Manchester Police finally called off their search for Keith’s remains as it has now been 46 years since his disappearance.

Both of the murderers admitted burying his body on the moor..

Last Saturday a new search was begun by a team of volunteers led by David Jones who is the director of the International Rescue Training centre in Wales.


It is hoped that the use of both new new technology, allied to the present methods of search, will lead to a successful conclusion.

Mr Jones said that 19 possible sites have been chosen after collating witness evidence, although the searches may take years to complete properly.

The Saddleworth Moor search was started on Saturday and continued at another site near Greenfield village on Sunday, using sniffer dogs after marking off grids of land and using metal probes.

This is close to the area where Pauline Read’s body was buried.

Link to articles .


Keith Bennet’s mother is now 76 and she has been trying to find her son for many years now.

Mr Jones is hoping that the search will allow her to find some closure but until the body is actually discovered there are no certainties of success.

I am sure that there are many people praying for a good result.

A Keith Bennet fund has been set up to finance the purchase of more specialist equipment as the new technology could lead to a breakthrough..


If you would like to donate to the Keith Bennet Fund, here are the details. LINK.


Well I shall have to get on with stuff now.


Cheer up, there’s all today not touched yet!




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