The Start Of The New Regime.



Hope that I find you chipper today and that your life is going well for you.

It is a much duller morning here, with the familiar low and misty grey sky and lots of drizzle, but still warmer.


I have been out to feed the birds already with lots of the birdseed.

Yesterday, while I sat waiting for Big H, I read an interesting article in The Times.

It said that the past winter has been a devastating one for the birds here.

Especially as the numbers have already been reduced by illegal trapping in Europe.


Huge areas of our countryside have been ruined by farmers digging out the ancient hedgerows, which supported ecosystems including birds, wild bees and animals, and then they started prairie farming instead.

This has been destructive in so many ways.


Our birds have been starving.

Their plight was revealed in a report issued yesterday by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Hungry birds moved into urban gardens to find food and warmth this winter.

People have seen species such as fieldfare, redwing, yellowhammer, bullfinch and blackcap, much to their surprise and pleasure.


Our gardens are now very important for bird survival rates, with importance for wildlife in every season. Especially if people stop being so anal about keeping everything regimented, use less pesticides and herbicides,  and start allowing for more wild corners and garden ponds.

We can all make a difference.


If you read yesterday’s very late post then you will know that today is the first day of the rest of Big H’s new life.

Contrary to what has been happening for many long years he now has to get up at breakfast time in order to take one hormone pill (once daily) on an empty stomach.

He then has to take another different hormone pill on a stomach that has food in it (three times a day at breakfast, lunch and teatime), this is because these ones stir up the gastric juices.

So far so good.


We have a problem here Houston!!!!


For years, because of both his natural inclination and extreme tiredness, Big H has been getting up anywhere from an early 9.30 to a far more usual 11.30.

Last night he said that “the hospital said I could take my first tablet when I get up, so I will do it then!”

I had to remind him that the nurse also said that the first of the three a day tablets raises the level of a hormone in the morning, to ape the natural body actions in the beginning of the day.

The lunchtime one raises them for the afternoon period….and the half tablet at teatime raises them for the evening but allows the level to fall in time for a night’s sleep.

If he does not take the first tablet until shortly before the second one then he will be imbalanced for the day, which is dangerous.


We went to bed earlier thanks to my nagging him and I put the alarm on for eight.

At eight I woke him but he wanted to wait”just a bit longer”.

I left the alarm on snooze and came downstairs for a cup of tea then and got on with the blog, because at this point Big H has to do it himself as it is a permanent part of his life unless he is very lucky.


Whoahhh, he has appeared at 8.45.

He actually does have some sense of preservation after all.

Tablet already taken on the empty stomach!


He has now appeared again in the living room, with a small bowl of porridge oats and cold water and a big glass of water, and is sitting down to read his book, which is ‘The Fourth K’ by Mario Puzo.

So far so good.

The glass of water is because the tablets made him feel sick yesterday, so he is going to avoid tea for a while until he gets used to taking them.

The nurse said that if they made him vomit then he has to take two more afterwards because it will have cleaned out his stomach


I have asked him how he feels this morning and he says that he thinks is less tired but he had a disturbed night.

So far so good!


This afternoon we are going for the bone density tests.

So that is  our day planned out!


Have a fine one yourself now.


J x.


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