Things You CANNOT Do.



Hoping that Thursday is going well with you.


Today I am in a much more laid-back frame of mind, so I am not feeling the need to make you share in my worries as I did yesterday….so no bed bugs or spiders today then.

All is mellow with me.


My visit to the newly-chosen dentist went very very well, and I liked the guy….and so did Big H.

Luckily there is nothing that really needed doing, and the hygienist had been doing her job for twenty years and was unusually careful and effective….and very attractive.

The dentist himself was also very pretty, so I was well pleased to pay for the treatments while getting lots of free eye-candy to admire….and store up for future artworks use if needed.


I did say that Big H liked the dentist too, but not, of course because he was a bit of eye-candy, it was, of course, because he seemed to be eminently competent, confident and very professional!!!!


I was particularly pleased with the contrast between the blonde hygienist and the very unusual mauve surgeon-type outfit that she was wearing.

I love those colours myself, but I cannot wear them because they instantly make me look as if I am seriously sea-sick because I have a yellowy skin rather than a pink toned one.


We also called in for bacon sandwiches and a pot of tea at a nearby cafe before returning home for the evening’s entertainment.

I am now a fervent watcher of the True Blood series on television, so we watched the latest episode that was recorded and waiting.


The intro section to the show is great, both the soundtrack song and the images, which are like a stereotype of everything you can imagine finding in the southern states of the USA….so well done in my opinion.

I also especially like that the heroine, who has rare special powers is called Sukie, and the vampire hero is called Bill.

If you have not been following it then you are missing something fun!


Today it is cold but sunny hereabouts, so a little shopping will be in order….perhaps even with the car-top down on the way there.


Oh yes, there was something else interesting at the dentists surgery.

Normally, at the hospital or the doctors, I never read the available magazines because I always think that they will be covered in awful germs and MRSA etc, but I decided that it would probably be safer to touch them at the dentists.


I decided to read a magazine for ‘older people’, to see what that meant!

It was both puzzling and hilarious.

I found out that….

Older people should dress ‘appropriate for their age’

Men over 40 should not wear jeans

Men over 40 should not possess top-down cars….some kind of expensive and powerful BMW-type thing is better…..although I liked the thinking that the G force would pull the sagging, baggy and wrinkled skin of the face and neck into a grotesque mask!

Extreme sports such as hang gliding and mountain climbing are not to be done after a certain age, along with the wearing of baggy boardies, flip-flops etc,

and so it goes on….

What a load of patronising crap, I think that anything an older person wants to wear, or do, or be, is totally appropriate for them.

You don’t get through a life in order to have daft bloody ‘appropriate’ rules decided upon by other people’s perceptions of what is correct!

Let’s face it, only if you cannot do it, it is not possible.



Have a fine one.





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