This Morning I Starred With Russell Crowe In My Dreams!



Well, early this morning I starred in a short movie trailer with Russell Crowe.

What naughty sparkling eyes he had, and a very quizzical eyebrow.


I woke up and promptly tried to go back to sleep again.


Unfortunately, I then suddenly found myself standing in a totally quiet and empty place, with lots of identical rows of small Georgian terraced houses, all with identical raspberry-coloured front doors.

It was menacing, so I got up.


Big H absolutely loves watching Gladiator and Master And Commander as often as he can, in future I might actually watch them with him again!

Thank goodness Russell Crowe did not die in June as was reported.

I would like to star with him again….soon!


Isn’t it a funny thing to have dreams, and to interact with someone who is real in every way, and yet has never met you.

Thank goodness that I did not leap out of bed the moment that I woke up this morning as I usually do, but because it was a bit cold I decided to stay there and enjoy the warmth a little bit longer, and then dozed off.

Well worth it!


Perhaps I should blame it on the library book that I was reading.

It was an unlikely story of a girl from a farm in Scotland in 1769 who gets pregnant and decides to run away to the American Colonies.

Her ship is unfortunately attacked by pirates who capture her and take her to Morocco to be sold and she ends up being installed in the harem of the Sultan, a place where.. the only currency a woman has is her ability to please a cruel and charismatic Emperor..

Of course, she is impossibly beautiful and ends up captivating her master, eventually becoming an important personage in the court.

It is called The Fourth Queen and on the back of the jacket it says that it is based upon a true story and has been much acclaimed.

It was written by an author called Debbie Taylor.


Normally that is not something I would pick to read, but I had a hard job finding things I had not already read, when I went to the Library a couple of days ago.


Yesterday I got through a book about an end of the world scenario, called Afterlight by Alex Scarrow, which is about the worldwide devastation causd by a huge oil crisis.

This is about an apocalyptic happening which leaves only pockets of survivors trying to begin again.

I have to admit that I chose it because I thought that it was written by Simon Scarrow.

He writes military novels about the Roman invasion of Britain from about AD43 onwards and these are among Big H’s favourites.

So, it wasn’t the right author, but it turned out to be OK and I did actually finish it by bedtime.

Then came the bodice-ripper type one.


I might now read more bodice-rippers because they give me a better class of dreams!

Thank You to Debbie Taylor!


So, you are now up to date with my reading list and my dreams.

I wish you well with your own.




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