Those Hotpants Are Not Going To Suit You.



How are you?

In fine fettle I hope, fully relaxed and rested….or did you given in to Sales Fever?


Are you now the proud owner of a pair of skin tight orange sequined hotpants and an amazing designer suit that was reduced by 70% and is only six sizes too small.


Don’t worry, I’ve been there and done that about forty years age….probably the same style of hotpants too!


This is not really good weather for going out to anywhere.

It is so cold here that the streets are still solid ice at midday, even after a morning of watery sunshine, and it is forecast to get much worse.

I don’t think that we will be planning to do much of anything for a while.


Big H is having another bad patch, so I put him back to bed yesterday at lunchtime, because he was freezing cold and feeling really ill.

Roll on the appointment with the specialist in January.

Hopefully, this time, they can figure out what on earth is wrong.


I am therefore anticipating a chilled-out sort of day, just reading and sipping a large whiskey.

Could be a lot worse I reckon!


I’ll tell you what.

I am beginning to get really sick of turkey now.

It seemed like a very good idea to buy only a crown instead of the complete bird but we are finding it to be far too much for us.

I said to Big H that we should just buy a big chicken or a very small turkey next time, before we go off it permanently.

Which would indeed be a shame as I quite like tradition.


Now we have New Year’s Eve to look forward to, along with all of it’s excesses….and it’s resolutions….and it’s promises to do better in the coming year.

And then we will all be naughty again!

Or will we!


Have a fine day.

I shall.



PS. Take the hotpants back!!!!!!!!!

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