‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly.

Hello, hello,


I am writing to you from a very cold, but still sunny place, which is about the best that we can wish for at this time of year.


The one good thing about it is that the crows are now beginning to make a noise in the evenings, as they gather together to fly in formation at the end of the day.

It is not yet the awesome experience that it will soon become, but I am looking forward to it immensely.


There is nothing like watching their show of arial excellence as the sun rises, and again as it sets.

Sometimes I get up early in the freezing morning just to be there, cup of tea in hand, ready to watch them.

It is a timeless thing to see them, and puts everything back into it’s proper place in the scheme of things.

Much better than watching something created by a Stephen Spielberg!


I am now definitely feeling more Christmassy.

We have now bought two gifts, which I am pleased with, and I think that we have decided upon the correct choices for everyone else’s presents.

Hopefully, this year will now be a doddle and I can sit here feeling like a ‘clever dick’ while everyone else is running about getting stressed later on.

That should be enjoyable.


I don’t know what to get for Big H, so I think the best thing is ask him what he would like, and then we can go out and buy it together….or order it on-line soon.

At least, if it does not eventually arrive, we don’t get stressed about it the way we would if it was not for ourselves.


What do you want for Christmas….have you decided.

If so, you had better get your Xmas list written out neatly and send it up the chimney to Santa Claus, like we all did as kids.

Having said that, we used to write long lists of desired items, and we were lucky to get any of them at all.

A bit like life really!!!!!

Have a good one,




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