Tree House: A Work Of Art In Canada.



Oh, how I love to see something pretty …. and in my opinion I have just seen another pretty thing.

Up in a tree …. and no, it is not a bird.


This particular pretty thing is not only unique and beautiful, it is also totally not legal.


Once upon a time in Canada, there was a young man by the name of Joel Allen.

This person was a carpenter who did not have the means to buy himself a house.

So, he decided to put his craft to good use and somehow create one for himself.


After some thought he decided that he would build one illegally in the Whistler Forest, which is Crown Land in Canada.

First he took some time to seek out his perfect tree, which was in a secluded place, yet near enough to a road to allow access.


Then, all that remained was to create a design for a tree house …. and get started …. secretly!


Now his home is finished and looks truly beautiful and natural …. like a fairy lantern hanging in the forest.

A real work of art!


This is the website.


What a shame that it may be pulled down!

I want it to stay though.

What do you think about it ?






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