Try Anti-Ageing. The Way Rich People Do It.



Here we are again waking up to a heavy grey rainy day….but this one is a bit windy too, just for a change.

Never mind though, it is a Friday, so the weekend beckons seductively.


One thing about British weather though, it is supposed to be good for our skins with all of the dampness.

The fact that we are all mouldy and green too obviously does not count!


Talking about having a good skin.

Have you ever felt jealous of all the rich people who can avail themselves of the most expensive skin products that are available.

Have you ever fervently wished that you could be as lucky?


Well, it seems that you can be now.


There is a Swiss apple tree named Uttwiler Spatlauber whose fruit produces an extract known as PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica.

This tree was noticeable because it’s fruit was found to last for months and not grow at all withered.

Scientific types then discovered that the fruit had long-living tissue stem cells.

They found that a solution, made with 1% of the extract, increased human stem cell production by about 80%


The scientists also say that the extract also helps with hair growth.


It seems that many people definitely believe in the youth-enhancing properties of the extract because there are companies producing skin products containing the Swiss apple extract which retail at over £200.

I believe these include

Lancome Absolute Precious Cells at £122,

3Lab Super H Serum at £219,

and Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Serum at £225.

A hefty amount of money for those who are not uber-rich or totally desperate.


Well, now there is good news for all the people who have wished to try this type of product.


Superdrug are now producing ….Optimum, an overnight skin renewal serum.

On sale from next month.

The introductory price will be only £9.99, rising to £14.99 at the end of October.


The company have confirmed that the key active ingredient is the same apple stem cell extract as that used in the expensive creams.

It is absolutely not some kind of replica.


Superdrug most probably will have a total winner with their new product and everyone out there can try a touch of the high life.


Please don’t squash me in the rush to the shop when the new product is released for sale.


Or perhaps you would prefer to buy it online now.

Well done Superdrug!



….and, of course, there is always green tea

….and less stress

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