Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, As Timothy Leary Said.

Hi, beautiful peeps,


Everything’s cool man,

Lat’s just kick back,

It’s all feeling groovy….

…..you may have guessed by now that I  have regressed to some form of 60’s or 7o’s Nirvana….and you would be right on.


I am feeling totally blissed out and way out of my tree.

So let me tell you why.

Are you sitting comfortably….then I’ll begin….


Last week I was doing the final tidy-up after all the workmen and the worries about Big H.

During this hateful and rare epic, I decided that I needed some new curtains for one of the bedrooms, as one of my sons is coming for a visit with his family at soon.

This necessitated doing some shopping.

A task I usually avoid like the plague unless it is a present for me!


Rather than trail around the curtain shops, which must be one of the most boring things of all except for tool shops, I decided to go straight to a curtain factory shop and see if that would quickly solve my problem as offer have both ready or made-to-measure.

While I was there I saw some beautiful tassels and some fabulous raw silk material.

At that instant, I got the idea of sewing some lavender bags to hang on the bedroom door knobs and put in the wardrobes and drawers.


Not only will that smell wonderful, it apparently discourages moths too.


I don’t know if you saw the Russell Crow film ‘A Good Year’ but it would appear that the house, that his uncle leaves him in the countryside there, has bowls of dried lavender on the windowsills in order to discourage scorpions from coming into the rooms.


An excellent idea in my opinion, although we don’t actually have that particular problem up here….and I don’t think that it would deter burglars either….which we actually do have….unless of course immigrant scorpions decide to  take to crime.


Anyway to get back to window coverings, as I know you are totally interested in all the long drawn out details of that.

Well, we got some.


Now, the more interesting stuff!

I bought a half a metre of the silk and some tassells and came back home to look for a source of bulk dried lavender on the Internet.

It is no good buying it in a shop because they charge many of our pounds for a tiny packet of it, and I also wanted to put some bowls of it in the rooms….I love excess!


After some searching I found a good supplier and ordered one kilo.

Even with postage it came to just about £25 with postage included.

And then I waited and waited, passing the time by hand sewing a large pillow to go at the top of the bed between our proper pillows and some door hangars and some plain square sachets with tying ribbons for the wardrobes and drawers.

All they needed was filling and finishing off.


Today my parcel arrived .

It contained two huge bags of lavender.

Oh my goodness, you should have smelled it, talk about filling the room with scent.

By the time I had sewed all the bits up and put on the tassels etc. I was totally blissed out….and then some.

What a total pleasure of a morning, your day should be as good!


Have a chilled day.

Relax man and be cool.



In case you wonder who Timothy Leary was here is LINK to a quick biography

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