Up And At ‘Em.



I am a bit late doing a post today because it was a hospital day for us.

It was a case of getting up and dashing about madly before hurriedly leaving, cups of tea still on the table only half drunk.


On the plus side it has been yet another beautiful sunny and very warm day….and we had the top down all day long.

This sunny spell just keeps on coming!


Big H had his blood tests taken and received his monster testosterone injection, which will not need repeating for about six weeks from now on.

As he is still sleepy a lot of the day and only wakes up properly at about seven in the evening, which means he does not feel tired until the early hours, there is still some tweaking to be done with his drug dosages etc.

But he is still much improved and his goatee is coming along fine….that being a hirsute facial ornament and not a small hairy creature of whom we are very fond!


Once we had finished the medical stuff we went to Tynemouth for a walk on the sunny beach before partaking of more delicious fish and chips at Marshall’s.



Sadly, while we were hanging about in the hospital, waiting to have some ‘after’ pictures taken for teaching purposes, we met a friend of ours who has just been told that they have developed a cancer which may have spread.

It is awful to hear such news about someone else, so it must be unimaginably dreadful for the person who has to cope.

Really, you must be grateful for every day that passes, and make sure you live your life in a way that fulfills you, while you can.


So, more beer, more jewellery and more painting for me!!


I shall have to pop and make us some tea and a small whiskey each, before we finally relax a bit.

Hope that your day is also progressing in an enjoyable and orderly way.



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