Wall To Wall Blue Skies.

Hello my friend,


Wall to wall sunshine and blue skies this morning.  Most beguiling.


I have already been out and fed those totally ungrateful birds their breakfast.

These crows are still very nervous of me.

I make a loud clicking noise to let them know that food is coming and then I shake out all the bread onto the wall for them.


Obviously, they now know what the noise means, and they fly in from all the chimneys and trees to partake, but if any of them fly straight to the wall and then see that I am still there, then they stop dead and fly off as quickly as possible.


You would think that I was a bird-mass-murderer or something, and that it would be dangerous to get anywhere within possible grabbing distance of me.

Weird, where do they imagine that all the daily food has been coming from for the past few months!


It is obvious to me, that the first time I fall asleep outside, they will happily peck out my eyes.

There’s gratitude for you!


Talking about eyes…yesterday I went out again with Big H and we collected my new spectacles…they are beautiful…I am still in love with them.

Prada is the best.

This is the first pair I have had where I am not just making do and picking out the best of an uninspired bunch.

There is nothing I would change about these glasses even if I could do so.


We are members of Costco, and over the last few years I had noticed that they have an Optical Department.

Previously, I have always had my eye tests done at Boots, because they have lots and lots of impressive machines and stuff, and when I find something that seems to work I cannot usually be bothered to change it.


However, last time we were in Costco I decided to look at the selection of spectacle frames, while Big H waited in a queue to renew our passes.

That was when I spied these beauties. It is not often I find enough diamante on my specs.

Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.


I was dubious about getting my eyes done without all the machines, but as usual I was led by sheer laziness, and had it done there and then

I also remembered that last time Boots did my eyes and they gave me the wrong prescription.

When I went back to complain they said that somehow my eyes were totally different now… and that previous prescription was not correct anymore…so we went back to my usual prescription.



Once again, I explained to the Optician that I am an artist and I am finding it harder to see clearly thee days, which is annoying and makes working less fluid.

The result has been the best pair of specs that I have had in a long time.


Isn’t it funny to think that I would have been having my eyes lasered in three days if I had not cancelled the appointment.


I am still very happy with my decision, with no regrets about it at all.

I do not think now that I will ever do it.


Having said that, Mr T and HBF are still thrilled to bits with their eyes, and their sight is improving all the time.

Mr T has the perfect eyes for the laser operations.

They are dark, thick skinned and with small pupils, so that he very quickly stopped needing to put drops in.  He seems to forget that it has been done.

HBF has huge pale blue eyes, with thin skin, massive pupils and astigmatism, plus she had just about the strongest prescription you can have, so it has taken longer with the drops.


I do not know what I will be doing today, but it may include floor painting as I bought some more red paint yesterday to finish off doing the top  landing.

The stairs are now looking great again.


Oh my god, it is Saturday!

So we shall, of course, be speaking later about X Factor.





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