What A Treat.

Good Morning Peeps,


Did you enjoy the weekend, wherever you spent it.

I hope that you did!


It may be a Monday today but who cares.

Here in the UK we have all enjoyed an amazing few days of exotic weather.

In some areas it reached an amazing 23C ( 73F)…. at the beginning of April too!


Big H and I spent most of our weekend in the garden, because we reckoned that the rest of the nation would all be cramming out onto the roads in a rush to go and visit some stately home or other, or to be thrilled at an entertainment venue, or to enjoy a traditional day at the seaside.

All made even more irritating by old ‘weekend-drivers’ wearing Dutch-Boy hats.

No way!


Big H did his usual imitation of a sausage cooking, by lying on the grass like a lizard, soaking up the rays like a sponge.

As he was unable to get a tan for about ten years due to his previously undiagnosed condition, he is now thoroughly enjoying his new ability to do so….and it does make his eyes look very blue too.


I however, am not really a sunbathey type of person.

I spend about 20 minutes sunbathing on each side….I have two…and I tan very easily, going brown immediately, without any annoying ‘red period of suffering’ to put up with.

I like the sun and we all need our Vitamin D etc, I just prefer to do my tanning more slowly.


After my 40 minutes each day I just pottered around the garden making everything tidy.

On Saturday I weeded, picked up all of the little bits of twigs and leaves left over from the winter, then clipped and re-tied the roses, climbers and jasmine.

It is amazing how many cellophane cigarette wrappers, chocolate bar papers and shopping bags you can find stuck in the shrubbery too.


On Sunday I went for the big-time and got out the step-ladders and clippers.

I was motivated enough to get up there and trim down the holly tree.

What a fight those bloody trees can put up.

It ended up many feet smaller and quite a round shape, and I ended up worn out, totally covered in vicious scratches and punctures, and absolutely filthy.

I am not sure who won!


This morning everything seems to be back to chilly, grey and normal, as if all of that amazing tropical weather was just a dream.

Except it wasn’t!


Do have a good Monday yourself.

I shall speak to you soon.





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