What an excellent day.



Today has been an excellent day .

On a scale of one to ten, I think that it scores an eight.

Well I cannot give it any more than an eight, because so far it has not included any sex.


I did not sleep very well last night, so I got up relatively early, and made myself some tea and two Warburton’s Potato Pancakes.

These scones are a craze of mine at the moment.

They are made by Warburtons and they come in packs of six.

They do not really taste of anything in particular, and they have the consistency of damp cardboard, but for some strange reason I go to sleep at night thinking ‘Oh good,  I can have some potato pancakes in the morning’,


I always put the toaster on full and they come out red hot and dried up.

Probably nutritionally on a food level with Pop Tarts, although I have felt no compunction to eat one of those.


Once I had eaten the pancakes, I could not find a library book that was still unread , so I did a bit of blogging.

I think it is rapidly becoming as compulsive as a potato pancake.


I did not go out to get the Sunday Times from the Spar, because that is my husband’s  job and I always wait for him to do it, no matter how late he sleeps in.

This is because it is very hard to get some men to do any regular jobs around the home.

It is a backward step in husband training, to do anything for them, that they are willing to do for you instead.

The correct method, is to use that willingness as a basis, to which you can add other, regular, duties.


Women are their own worst enemies. My friends are always saying “Oh I just do it myself because it takes him so long to get it done”.




Do they not realize that men do that deliberately, and very clumsily, in order to get just that reaction.




The thing you should do is let him get on with it, however long he stretches it out, and however inept he is at doing it.  Always remembering to praise him profusely.

Believe me, men are intelligent enough to realise that there are better things to do with their time, so they will soon be up to the same speed and standard as you.  If not a good deal better and more thorough.


So to continue……

We spent most of the morning reading the paper and then went out to cut the lawn and pull out weeds.

After that I said it would be great to have a picnic, and a beer, at which point husband offered to cook me a barbecue on the patio.

A result!


I have said many times in the past that it is not much good a man offering to cook a meal if his wife goes into the kitchen afterwards to find he has used every available dish and there is food all over the benches.

This has, after forty one years of indoctrination, led to me sitting on my arse  drinking a beer, while he gets the food. sets the table and cooks the food for us…and tidies up too.


A good Sunday.

What an excellent day



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