Wholesale Slaughter.



Greetings from a cold and dark corner of the UK.

It is still freezing here, with no visible sign of change.

When I got up this morning and looked out of the window I could still see snow lying in the fields across the valley. Brrrr.!


Today has proceeded in an orderly manner so far.

I have been out and fed the birds.

I don’t know if I told you but I recently invested in a colossal big bag of birdseed, which I put out in generous amounts upon the wall every day, along with all the usual scraps that I would normally be serving up to my voracious little friends.

They seem to like that idea very much and I have noticed that it has encouraged lots of the littler birds to come and eat, even though they seem to try to aviod the huge crows.


Nowadays they just sit up in the tree every morning and wait for their breakfast to appear as if by magic….and they can get quite raucous if I am not up and about with my usual alacrity.

Added to that they still will not come anywhere near me and leave the wall in a big hurry if I am anywhere in sight.

Why they imagine that the big pink creature comes out to feed them I cannot imagine!


Perhaps they have been reading their avian version of The Sun newspaper and they have been terrified by graphic horror stories about the French.

Perhaps the French are mainly pink too, so they have decided that I am one….and all of this feeding business is just a cunning plan capture , kill and eat them.

Perhaps they see me as a Hannabella Lector!


Did you know that huge numbers of our migrating birds are slaughtered as they fly south.

The French are eating our birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It seems that when our birds fly south their journeys are often ended in traps.


Just across the Belgian border, in the Ardennes region, the hunters set traps with horsehair snares.

Grives Ardennaise being a very popular dish in that area.

Grives Ardennaise  being made from the poor Thrushes!

The story is that only birds such as Redwings, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes are caught.

In reality many Robins, Tits and Warblers are lured to their deaths in this cruel way.


While the migrating Lapwings are flying over the Champagne Region, they see what look like ideal resting places of artificial ponds with islands.

They are persuaded to land because they see that Lapwings are already resting there.

Unfortunately the Lapwings they see are live decoys.

When the flocks land they are trapped by nets.

These clap nets can be 200 square metres in size.


Although these are a protected and endangered species they are openly served as ‘Vanneaux a  la Creme’.


In the south of France Skylarks are trapped in the same way, with clap-nets.

It is distressing to find that about a million Skylarks are killed in this way each year, obviously explaining why their numbers are rapidly declining.

I believe that they are very popular there when minced and served as Pate D’Alouettes.


There is another method of catching songbirds in Provence.

This is done by covering sticks with a sticky paste which traps the birds.

There are many trappers who have a licence to do this….nearly 8,000 of them.

As they are permitted to catch only 50.000 birds each year it is hard to believe that they stick to the rules.

Their season lasts for about six weeks from 1st October.


In 2005, hunters in the Massif Central were once more given the green light to catch birds using a very inhumane method.

Juniper berries are scattered underneath a big slab of stone which is held up by little thin sticks.

Birds land to eat the berries and as soon as a twig is touched the stone falls upon the birds.

It is allowed because the official line is that only thrushes are permitted prey.


Theoretically no birds are hurt because they are contained in a cavity beneath the stone, the trapper of course lifting the slab and freeing all of the illegal catch and keeping only the permitted thrushes.

It is said by protesters that in reality all birds are crushed to death by this awful method of trapping.


Bird hunting also takes place in Spain where there are numerous armed hunters, and 39 species are taken, adding up to a yearly cull of 11 million birds.


In Germany there are up to 350,000 hunters and no real hunting controls and up to one and a half million birds are taken each year.


Cyprus has banned bird trapping but there are many hunters killing migrant birds, including protected birds such as Owls and Cuckoos.

The following video is a Cabs report on bird trapping in Cyprus, 2009



And so it goes on and on and on and on.



Sorry if it depresses you but I like company in my misery.

What with our constantly expanding list of endangered species, the only creatures eventually remaining will be ourselves.


Nevertheless, I wish you a good weekend and much fun.




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