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How  do I find you this rainy grey Tuesday, are you having a reasonable week, I certainly hope so.

Yesterday was totally lovely and the sun continued to shine wonderfully all day long, with everyone looking very cheerful and underdressed.

Of course, there are always those who tell you that good weather is not going to last, but I chose to keep my fingers crossed that it would….and I was wrong!



Last night Big H was worn out again, so we just sat quietly and watched an old Bruce Willis film which was total mayhem from start to finish.

I wonder if he personally caused the sales of vests to go up….or down!

Action films are not really my first choice for viewing but I like watching him because he is so fit.

After that we then watched ‘The Vampire’s Assistant’ which I was not sure I would enjoy, but I really did.

Big H loved it!

After that we had a whisky each and went to our warm and toasty, ready heated bed.

There are so many small pleasures in the average day.

While I am on the subject of ‘stuff I enjoy’, did you see the news about the new species of giant lizard found in the Philippines.

It was first seen by local researchers about 6 years ago, when they met Acta tribesmen carrying a dead specimen.

It is now officially a new species called Varanus bitatawa, and is about two metres long.

Unlike many similar species such as the Kimodo Dragon, it feeds upon fruit and snails, spending most of it’s time up in the trees looking for fruit before using it’s specially adapted claws to gather it.

Here is a link for more information and pictures.


Hopefully the discovery will lead to it’s protection and preservation and not it’s extinction.

There are fewer and fewer secrets all the time.


So, instead of telling you my plans for the coming day I SHALL KEEP IT A SECRET just

to add a little excitement and mystery to your day.

How thoughtful is that.

Make sure you surprise yourself too!




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