X Factor. 2.


As you know, I am an X Factor fan, but, because of circumstances beyond my control, I could not watch the latest episode  until this afternoon.


My goodness I enjoyed this week’s show.

How good was Jamie ‘Afro’!

.Jamie is a good example of never, ever, giving up.

After all, tomorrow can always be the perfect day when dreams can start to come true.

Why give up a dream anyway, it does not enhance life if you do so, it just takes away the best part of yourself.


What a natural performer.

Brilliant in performance, I loved how he moved his body.

One of my favourite singers is Eddie Vedder, the frontman in Pearl Jam, and Jamie reminded me of him.  Big praise indeed.

Well done Jamie!


The 21 year old from Trinidad/Tobago was outstanding.  She sang beautifully.  For me that is unusual praise because my preference is usually for male singers apart from a few like Shakira ( I like to watch her if she is dancing at the time) or Christina Aguilera.


The cabinetmaker from Sussex might be a good contender, he had an interesting tone to his voice.

He has obviously had a tough year but hopefully he will go far.

Quite pretty too.


The Misfits were attractive to watch and could well be popular.


The bad ones were really bad and that was wonderful too.


All in all, I cannot wait for next week.




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