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There does not seem any point this week in writing two separate blogs because this is definitely just the one show in two parts.

This week the remaining 200 would-be winners are at Hammersmith Apollo, doing their best to be chosen to be amongst the last 50 acts who will go on to the judges’ houses.


Saturday’s Episode.

I was not able to watch the programme on Saturday, as we no longer have a working television, so I had to watch it later it on ITV Catch-up on my computer early on Sunday morning

The main feeling I came away with was that if I have to listen to that bloody ‘Confused Dot Com ‘ ad one more time I shall go insane.

I do not know why they decided to play it up to four times on the trot in every commercial break, but it definitely does not work for me.  I would most certainly prefer to ‘Compare The Meerkat Dot Com.’.


Sorry, I digress.

I was somewhat disappointed  by a previous favourite, in the Saturday show.

Young Joe McElderry was likeable as ever but he chose to sing a song by a master.

It was George Michael’s ‘Praying For Time’ and it was a step too far in my opinion.  George sings with such subtle, liquid and effortless emotion, that Joe’s voice seemed to me to be too harsh and too young for it.

He is very promising though, so I will be surprised if he does not get through to the finals.


Jamie Afro is a brilliant singer.  He could win if people like him as a personality.


Daniel Pearce seemed to be trying too hard, but is good enough to get through, he just needs to calm down.


Nicole Lawrence is a large presence  onstage and she sang ‘And I’m Telling You’ very well.

I do not like this sort of thing as you know, but they always seem to pick a diva type for huge production songs, so she could well be in with a good chance too.

As usual there were some blindingly awful performances at the beginning of the show, when they had to join up in groups of three acts, before choosing a song to sing together the next day.

From a bad start it just went from worse to worse.


Now I shall wait until tonight and see what the next episode provides for my delectation.


Sunday .

Once again, I had to watch the programme on catch-up television, on my computer, but unfortunately it only seemed to be showing small portions of the total show.

I did see the final choice of contestants who will go on to be mentored by the judges.

I would definately bet that Simon’s group will contain the eventual winner, as it contains all of my own favourites, but time will tell.


I wonder if I am right!



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