X Factor.Haven’t John and Edward Done Well!

Good Morning Dear Peeps.


Interesting, but fluffy, news in all of the papers this morning.


I an hoping that things are going well for you today, but I very much doubt that you are in line for earning a large sum of money, possibly in excess £2m, very quickly.

John and Edward are.

They may turn out to be the ones who do best from the X Factor competition, because of the intense interest and publicity that they have generated during their time in the contest.


For four months they will be contracted to X factor, during which time they will be part of the usual X Factor Tour, and will be subject to Simon’s decisions about commercial deals.

The tour itself will earn them a very pleasing £180,000.


In addition to the Tour, they have already been booked to appear at over 100 private shows over that same time period, none of which will earn less than £20,000.

There is also said to be talk about them releasing a single.


No doubt companies who make all kinds of hair products will be clamouring to use them in their advertising……definitely for anything to do with hair control.

Jedward Jel anyone!


There is talk of rushing out their autobiography in time for Christmas, a possible earning of £250,000 for the twins.

It is thought that certain publishers are already bidding against each other in order to secure the deal.


I always said that in my opinion they should most certainly have a future in ‘Yoof’ television programmes….and apparently Disney Channel agrees with me….and even the BBC.

Ant and Dec look out!


Jedward’s excitement must be immense.

How wonderful to have such unexpected opportunities at such an age, and the youthful enthusiasm to enjoy the whole experience to the full.

How wonderful also, to do all of it with the support and comfort of having your own twin to lean on, and the input of each other’s audacity and creative thinking.


Well Done Them!


J x


Sudden idea.

Why do we not have a ‘fluffy’ television news channel.

People could then have the opportunity to just watch reports of nice cherful ‘pink’ stuff, when they are not up to feeling distressed by the more traumatic type of news reporting.

Interestingly, the £2m. sum of money that Jedward will be earning due to X Factor, is exactly the same sum of money as that offered by our government to Cumbria County Council, to help deal with the £50/100m. worth of damage done around Cockermouth and Cumbria by the recent floods.

Mean bloody sods!

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