X Factor Live Show 7. Plus Video. 21st November 2009

Hi Folks,


So here we are again.

Once more waiting to see who will be pointed out by the fickle finger of fate….also known as the great British public.


After last week’s debacle, anything could happen,

Given the shock disappearance of Jamie Archer, in the midst of much lesser singers, we can only assume that actual singing ability has nothing to do with it.


Never mind, who ever said that life was either predictable or fair!


So, how will it all go tonight.

We have six remaining singers, and I am going to try out my latest technological trick for you.

It is the result of yet another scary technology seminar with Mr T, so I hope you like my on-site videos.


The lengths that I will go to in order to make you happy!


The theme tonight is Wham or George Michael classics.


1. Lloyd Daniels singing Faith.

He did a good job.

Tonight he looked much older and more stylish, which was good.


2. Stacey Solomon singing I Can’t Make You Love Me.

What a horrible dress!


3. John and Edward singing I’m Your Man.

As usual- extremely energetic!


4. Danyl Johnson singing Careless Whisper.

A good performance but not easy to watch. He needs to relax a bit.


There have been many reports this week that there has been friction between Danyl and his mentor Simon.

Probably the same problem that Simon was having with Jamie previously.


When you get the more mature performers, they have obviously formed their own tastes, therefore feeling that they know best what suits them, their voices and their style.


This song choice was apparently Danyl’s choice.

Perhaps Simon has learned something useful!


5. Olly Murs singing Faster Love.

A competent performance. Visibly trying hard.

He said that he was pleased to be doing something current and modern, instead of all that retro stuff!


6. Joe McElldery singing Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

Absolutely brilliant. Just perfect in every way.

I thought that his was definitely the best performance.

The judges agreed, and he is definitely a pretty little thing.

His performance is very much enhanced now because he has stopped smiling happily throughout the sad songs. Well done that boy!


I for one thought that Jamie was sadly missed!


Apparently George Michael was watching.

I wonder what he thought of it all?


So, as usual, I shall see you tomorrow.

Be there or be square.


Link to tomorrow’s show.

Link to last weeks show.

Many thanks to U Tube who make all of this possible….and to X Facter for the use of their videos!

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