X Factor Results Plus Links To Video 17th October.



Here we go again.


Tonight the eleven finalists will try their best not to be voted out tomorrow.

The performances were based upon great Diva songs.


1. Lucie jones opened the show.

Hated the dress.

Forgettable performance.  Perhaps she needs another few years to mature.

What do you think?


2.  Olly Murs was next.

I didn’t like the song choice, or the arrangement, or the dancers.

But Olly always turns in a brilliant performance_and can that man dance!

He could win.


3.  Miss Frank was third up.

For me it was disjointed.

They are not a group.


4.  Rachel Adedeji next.

Fabulous jacket.  I want it!

She sang better than she did last week.


5.  Joe McElderry.

This young man should have a long, long career.

Very powerful singing.

He could win.


6.  Danyl Johnson.

Braving the previously savage criticism about being too cocky and not at all likable…. and possibly homosexual too.

He sang a horrible new song from Whitney Houston’s latest album but he managed to rise above it and still sing very well.


7.  Lloyd Daniels.

Singing a Leona Lewis song.

I liked it.  He has promise.

What a charmer!


8.  John and Edward up next.

They always make me laugh.

I don’t think that Simon will be rid of them yet.


9.  Then Rikki Loney.

Singing Aretha Franklin’s  ‘Respect’.

He is looking better now, with better hair and better styling.

Didn’t enjoy it much.


10.  Jamie Archer.

An emotional song.


He’s a winner.

I only wish that they had put him in a suit for this song, and greased his hair back.


11.  Stacey Solomon to finish.

Less enjoyable than usual.

Horrible dress and hair.


See You Tomorrow.

Who will it be?




Once again, Thanks to the amazing U Tube!

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