Yesterday Was A Cheat.

Bloody Good Morning,


What has happened to my summer!


What has happened to the way it was yesterday!


It was all a cheat.  Nothing suddenly got better, it is rubbish today, cold, grey, wintry and pouring with bloody rain.

I can hear the cars outside spraying up sheets of water as they go past, and I can see all the hunched, inadequately dressed folk out on the street, looking as if they would not be averse to killing somebody.


Ah, the British winter, no wonder we love it so!


I think that it was our weather that caused us to get out there and conquer the world during time of the British Empire.

Not so much greed, as wanting to go to any other bloody place that was warmer in order to get away from it…and stay there.


It is all lies in the history books.

They had to be conquered or else they could have made us come home again.

Now, we have replaced that with ‘The Package Tour’, and the foreigners only have to put up with us for short periods of time and they get paid for doing it!

So that’s everybody happy then.


I wonder what will happen if the government finally do decide to do something about Global Warming and the blatant and useless waste of energy for pointless purposes.

Shall all of this pointless, long distance, cheap air travel be stopped.

Shall each family stop expecting to possess one car for each member of that family.

Shall the continuous imports of rubbish clothes and goods, that we do not really need, stop.

Shall we be finally made to eat the food we can grow locally, in the seasons that it is available to us.



Shall we return to our old fashioned British holidays by the sea, in a caravan, tent or hotel, in Margate, Tynemouth, Bournemouth, Holy Island, Wales or The British Lakes?


How do you think that will go down with the modern UK population?


Oh My God…that is when my vision of the future generations who spend their lives in their rooms, tied to their machines 24/7 will begin………..who could bear our weather any other way now that they have been spoiled by exotic travel and sunshine for mere pennies.!


My ‘jam and bread theory’ will become real then too, except that the old nuisances will probably still annoy everyone by needing to be provided with some small amounts of human interaction for care purposes.

No doubt that could soon be got around.

Why stop neglecting them in the future too.


So, once we are all forced to stay here, all of the time, and other nations will just give us a good smack if we try to conquer them again, what shall we do?


Obviously,we will just have no choice but to  to withdraw from everything, and blame all national, and personal woes upon the weather.


So what’s changed!


Have fun.




This morning I was once again reminded by the birds that they had not been fed again, as Big H has been doing it when he gets up ever since I got flu…and he often forgets to do it.

Amazing how they have been so quickly corrupted by the availability, convenience and ease of their local Takeaway.

Just like us!

2 Responses to “Yesterday Was A Cheat.”

  1. nelly says:

    we – in ottawa- had 9 days this summer where it didn’t rain (or pellet. Yes, one day in august, ice pellets fell for like 20 minutes).
    6 of those days i was working
    3 of those I was able to go out and enjoy the sun.

    and now we’re in the negatives, with some regions already battling early snow.

    Bread and Jam? No.. but Cereal and milk, and in all honesty, i could use a little less human interaction in the office 😉

    Climate change is something I can’t comment on for there is nothing I say that will justify Canada’s (in)actions.

  2. Jaksie says:

    Hi Nelly,

    Brrrrrrrrrr. Makes the Uk seem positively exotic!

    As for climate change, what on earth is wrong with our Governments!
    You cannot get much more shameful than Gordon Brown’s refusal to give Guyana development aid in return for them handing over their whole rainforest, in trust, to a group of advisors in return.

    They waste enough money on bloody rubbish.

    (blog:Aug 14th..You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself Gordon.)

    Keep well wrapped up!


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