Yesterday Was Extremely Frustrating.



How are YOU today?

I hope that I find you with a wet nose, bright eyes and a bushy tail.

Also, I especially hope that the said bushy tail is wagging enthusiastically!


Was your yesterday a good one…because mine was extremely frustrating .


I had woken up at eight , which was a little late for me, and then got on with all my usual tasks.

By the time I went out to fed the birds some left over (burned) toast from the day before, they were all waiting for me, sitting looking grumpy and ill tempered in a nearby tree.

Then I made a slice of toast and Marmite for myself, with a huge amount of tea in my pink cup, and went to get on with my daily blog.


At that point I was feeling quite serene and happy.

I had a good laugh watching a big bird sitting on a nearby roof gutter, holding a huge piece of bread in his beak, but unable to relax and enjoy it because there were two more crows next to him trying to steal it.

They are such daft birds.  Why don’t they just go and get some off the patio wall and eat that.  There was plenty of it.  Why is it so much better to follow another bird around and steal his instead.

They are quite mad.


I quickly wrote a good sized page for my blog, but when I pressed Spellchecker it went very pale, and froze.

Then, suddenly, it all disappeared, and I was left with a message to say that google was unobtainable etc.

I rang BT and found out that they had a fault with the broadband.

I freaked, was my page saved or not!!!!!


After many random attempts to access the web during the day, I finally managed it at about 10pm but there were only a couple of sentences still remaining……so I wrote it all again.

And Guess What Happened?


Life is too short to spend any of it biting off your own leg, so I had a couple of large whiskeys for consolation and then went to bed with a good book…and a good man…and eventually had a good sleep.


Today, everything is back to normal, and I feel fine.

But life’s like that isn’t it!






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